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Montessori Wooden Learning Gift Set ABCs, Numbers & Math Mastery

Erenjoy Montessori Wooden Learning Gift Set ABCs, Numbers & Math Mastery

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Key Feature:

  • Montessori Wooden Learning Gift Set encompassing ABCs, numbers, and math exploration.
  • Crafted from eco-friendly materials, ensuring safety for both children and the environment.
  • ABC Wooden Tiles facilitate language development, letter recognition, and phonics understanding.
  • Number Counting Beads encourage counting skills and early math comprehension.
  • Math Mastery Boards empower children to explore addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

What makes this toy special ?

Experience the magic of education and play with the Montessori Wooden Learning Gift Set from Erenjoy. This comprehensive collection brings together captivating wooden tools for mastering the ABCs, exploring the world of numbers, and delving into essential math concepts. Crafted with care from eco-friendly materials, this set seamlessly blends the principles of Montessori education with the joy of hands-on discovery.

How To Play:

  • Unveil the ABC Wooden Tiles for letter recognition, phonics practice, and early word formation.
  • Embark on counting adventures with the Number Counting Beads, reinforcing numerical understanding.
  • Dive into mathematical exploration using the Math Mastery Boards to engage in hands-on learning of fundamental operations.

Montessori Wooden Learning Gift Set ABCs, Numbers & Math Mastery

Montessori Wooden Learning Gift Set ABCs, Numbers & Math Mastery


Erenjoy is proud to present the Montessori Wooden Learning Gift Set – a treasure trove of educational wonders that ignite young minds. This set seamlessly unites the realms of language, numeracy, and mathematics, embodying our commitment to premium quality and eco-conscious play.

ABC Wooden Tiles: The ABC Wooden Tiles introduce the joy of language to young learners. With precision craftsmanship, each tile features a lowercase letter on one side and its uppercase counterpart on the other. These tiles foster letter recognition, phonics understanding, and early language development. The tactile experience of natural wood engages multiple senses in the learning process.

Number Counting Beads: Journey into the realm of numbers with the Number Counting Beads. This tactile tool encourages children to grasp each bead, nurturing fine motor skills while introducing the world of numeracy. The vibrant colors of the beads stimulate visual senses, transforming counting into an interactive and multisensory adventure. These beads pave the path to early math mastery.

Math Mastery Boards: The Math Mastery Boards are the gateway to numerical confidence. These wooden boards feature interactive equations, providing a hands-on introduction to addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The tactile nature of the boards enhances comprehension and empowers children to explore mathematical operations with curiosity and ease.


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<div class="metafield-rich_text_field"><ul><li>Utilize the ABC Wooden Tiles during story sessions to boost language learning and creativity.</li><li>Elevate counting activities and math exercises using the interactive Number Counting Beads.</li></ul></div>


<div class="metafield-rich_text_field"><ul><li>Wipe with a damp cloth for routine cleaning</li><li>Avoid prolonged exposure to moisture or direct sunlight</li><li>Store in a dry, cool place</li></ul></div>

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Customer Reviews

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"A comprehensive and enriching gift. The Montessori Wooden Learning Gift Set fosters early learning in a hands-on and engaging way."


"Erenjoy's commitment to quality shines in this set. The wooden components offer diverse learning experiences that captivate and nurture young minds."


"I'm impressed by the educational value of this set. The Montessori Wooden Learning Gift Set promotes cognitive development and fosters a love for learning."


"This gift set is a wonderful investment in my child's education. The ABCs Learning Blocks, Numbers & Counting Tiles, and Math Mastery Boards are invaluable."

Montessori Wooden Learning Gift Set ABCs, Numbers & Math Mastery

"Erenjoy's Montessori Wooden Learning Gift Set is a treasure trove of early learning. The components are beautifully designed and provide a solid foundation for academic growth."

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