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Montessori Toys for 1-Year-Old Baby Boys & Girls

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Slippery Track Car
Regular price₹999.00₹549.00
Wooden Xylophone & Ring
Regular price₹999.00₹549.00
Hammer and Ball Toy
Regular price₹799.00₹389.00
Magic Spinner
Regular price₹899.00₹549.00
Small Guitar Xylophone
Regular price₹499.00₹299.00
Ring Stacker - 6 Rings
Regular price₹499.00₹299.00
Montessori Shape Sorter: Play & Discover
Regular price₹1,049.00₹499.00
Wooden Sorting Clock
Regular price₹799.00₹349.00
Xylophone Toy - 8 Notes
Regular price₹599.00₹349.00
Montessori Bunny Drummer
Regular price₹599.00₹399.00
Wooden Hammer and Peg Toy
Regular price₹999.00₹499.00
Ring, Rabbit-Shaped Rattle
Regular price₹998.00₹499.00
3 Rattles Box
Regular price₹699.00
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Teethers & Ring Rattle
Regular price₹999.00₹649.00
Ring Rattle - 4 rings
Regular price₹599.00₹399.00
Geometric Shape Stacker Square
Regular price₹799.00₹349.00
Wooden Dumbbell Rattle
Regular price₹549.00₹379.00
Ring Rattle - 3 Vibrant
Regular price₹499.00₹349.00
Rolling Balls Box
Regular price₹599.00₹399.00
Rectangle Montessori Stacker
Regular price₹599.00₹299.00
2 Rabbit, Ring, Maraca
Regular price₹1,849.00₹999.00
Wooden Beads Maze
Regular price₹1,249.00₹699.00
Red Maraca, Dumbbell
Regular price₹799.00₹499.00
Guitar Xylophone - Big Size
Regular price₹649.00₹399.00
Face Drum Car
Regular price₹599.00₹399.00
Wooden Colored Whistle Rattle
Regular price₹399.00₹299.00
Wooden Colored Dumbbell Rattle
Regular price₹449.00₹299.00
Montessori Magic: Alphabet
Regular price₹849.00₹499.00
Natural Neem Wood Ring and Sphere Set
Regular price₹399.00₹249.00
Rabbit Shaped Rattle
Regular price₹499.00₹349.00
Rattle Roll Clacker
Regular price₹799.00₹599.00

Welcome to a Mesmerizing World of Handcrafted Toys

Experience Multi-Sensory Play with the Wooden Combo Fun Set
Dive into a world where imagination meets tactile exploration, perfect for toys for 1-year-old adventurers. The Wooden Combo Fun Set is a treasure trove of play:
Rollin' Slippery Track Car: A delight for little speedsters, making it a top pick for toys for 1-year-old boys in India.
Hammer and Ball Toy: Enhances hand-eye coordination, a must-have for active 12-month-old babies.
Colored Stacking Rings: Encourages cognitive growth, ideal for toys for 1-year-old baby girl.

Why Choose This?
Crafted for multi-faceted development, these Montessori toys for 1-year-olds keep your little one engaged and learning.

Nature's Soothing Embrace: The Neem Wood Collection

Discover our organic and eco-friendly Neem Wood collection, a serene sensory experience for babies:
Bird and Rabbit Teether: Perfect for teething babies, offering shape and texture exploration.
Ring Rattle: Produces musical tones to delight auditory senses, making it a favorite among baby toys 12 months.

Why Choose This?
A harmonious blend of teething relief and sensory play, making these wooden toys for 1-year-olds both kind to the planet and gentle on your baby.

Welcome a New Life with Our Cherished Newborn Sets

Celebrate new beginnings with our lovingly curated newborn gift sets:
Red Maraca: Engaging tunes to keep the baby captivated, an excellent choice for one-year baby toys.
Dumbbell Shape Rattle: Encourages early grasp reflexes, ideal for toys for 15-month-old boys.

Why Choose This?
Auditory stimulation meets early motor skill development, ensuring smiles and joy.

Dance to the Rhythms of Joy: Maracas & Musical Shakers

Let your little one shake, rattle, and roll to their heart's content:
Teal, Orange, and Red Maracas: Introduce the enchanting world of music, perfect for toys for boys in India.
Trio of Colorful Maracas Rattles: A symphony in every shake, wonderful for toys for baby girls in India.

Why Choose This?
A vibrant and safe introduction to musical exploration, fostering the inner musician in every child.

Discover & Learn: Puzzles that Educate and Entertain

Unlock a world of educational adventure:
Sea Creatures Puzzle: Dive into ocean wonders, a captivating choice for one-year baby toys.
Vegetable Puzzle: Promotes a healthy mind and diet, an engaging pick for toys for 1-year-old.

Why Choose This?
Combining fun and learning, each puzzle enriches playtime with valuable lessons.

Embark on Unique Adventures with Exquisite Wooden Toys

Step into imaginative play that promises growth and development:
Wooden Peg and Cup Set: Simple yet profound, enhancing fine motor skills.
Wooden Beads Maze: Navigate through intriguing mazes, excellent for toys for 1-year-old.
Guitar Xylophone: Sparks musical creativity, a beloved choice for Montessori toys for 1-year-old.

Why Choose This?
These toys go beyond mere play, supporting developmental milestones with every moment of fun.’

Takeaway: From eco-friendly teethers to musical instruments, each toy opens a door to learning, growth, and endless joy. Find the perfect match for your little one and watch as they discover, learn, and smile.

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