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Build Your Own Toy Box | Baby Gift Toys

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Build your Box @ 349
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BYOB - Choose any 4 Teethers @ 549
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BYOB - Choose any 3 Rattles @ 599
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Build Your Box @ 899
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Build Your Box @ 999
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BYOB - Choose any 3 Fruits Car @ 499
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Build Your Own Box: A World of Customization Awaits

Welcome to our exclusive ""Build Your Own Box"" collection, where your preferences take center stage. Dive into a world where you get to choose, curate, and create the perfect combo of toys for your little one.

Neem Wood Teethers Combos:
Select the purity of neem wood for your baby's teething phase. Whether you're looking for a combo of 2 or 4, we've got you covered. Each teether is crafted with utmost care, ensuring a natural and safe solution for your baby's teething woes.

Rattle Delight:
Bring in the melody of happiness with our specially curated rattle combos. Choose from our selections like ""Choose Any 3 Rattles"" or the ""Neem Wood Rattles Combo Of 3"". Every rattle is designed to entertain, engage, and enhance motor skills, making them perfect picks for your child's playtime.

Tailored Box Experiences:
Have a specific budget or theme in mind? Explore options like ""Build Your Box @ 899"" or ""Build Your Box @ 999"". Tailor the box to fit the unique needs and preferences of your child, ensuring a playtime that’s as unique as they are.

Puzzle Power:
Stimulate those little brains with our ""Brain Boost Bundle"". Handpick any 3 of your favorite puzzles and watch as your child embarks on a journey of discovery, learning, and fun.

Vroom with a View:
For the young car enthusiasts, our ""BYOB Of Animal Puzzle Cars"" allows you to choose any two thrilling rides. And for those who fancy a fruity twist, our ""Fruit Racer Trio"" lets you pick your 3 favorite fruity cars for an exciting race to the finish!

Craft a toy experience that truly reflects what your child loves. Explore, select, and build a box that promises endless joy, learning, and memories. Dive into our ""Build Your Own Box"" collection today!

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