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Rattles and Shakers

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Red Maraca, Dumbbell
Regular price₹799.00₹499.00
Rabbit Shaped Rattle
Regular price₹499.00₹349.00
BYOB - Choose any 3 Rattles @ 599
Regular price₹897.00₹599.00
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Wooden Colored Whistle Rattle
Regular price₹399.00₹279.00
Wooden Peg and Cup Set
Regular price₹649.00₹299.00
Neem Wood Rattle - Hexagon Shaped
Regular price₹499.00₹299.00
Neem Wood Rattle - Fish Shaped
Regular price₹499.00₹299.00
Rolling Balls Box
Regular price₹599.00₹399.00
Rabbit shaped rattles combo
Regular price₹948.00₹599.00
Ring Rattle - 4 rings
Regular price₹599.00₹399.00
Bird, Rabbit Teether And Ring Rattle
Regular price₹999.00₹649.00
Wooden Dumbbell Rattle
Regular price₹549.00₹379.00
Rattle Roll Clacker
Regular price₹799.00₹599.00
Ring, Rabbit-Shaped Rattle
Regular price₹998.00₹499.00
2 Rabbit, Ring, Maraca
Regular price₹1,849.00₹999.00
Ring Rattle - 3 Vibrant
Regular price₹499.00₹349.00
Wooden Colored Dumbbell Rattle
Regular price₹449.00₹299.00
Wooden Ring & Dumbbell Rattle Set
Regular price₹649.00₹449.00
Neem Wood Rattle - Bird Shaped
Regular price₹499.00₹299.00
Neem Wood Rattle - Sparrow Shaped
Regular price₹499.00₹299.00
Premium Wooden Spinner Drum Toy
Regular price₹1,499.00₹999.00

Engage Your Baby's Senses with Wooden Baby Rattles and Toys

Engage and Entertain: Baby Rattles and Toys Collection

Step into a world of vibrant colors, captivating sounds, and tactile wonders with our collection of wooden baby rattles and toys. Designed not just for fun but also to nurture your baby's early development, these toys are a blend of aesthetic appeal and developmental benefits.

Discover the Joy of Sound:

New Born Baby Gift Set: Introduce your precious one to the magic of rhythm with the Red Maraca and Dumbbell Shape rattle. These beautifully designed rattles aren't just attractive; they help hone your baby's motor skills with every shake and giggle.

Sensory Stimulation:

Wooden Ring Rattle: Let those tiny fingers twist, turn, and shake the colorful rings. As they play, they'll be diving into a rich sensory experience, fostering coordination and dexterity.
Wooden Rabbit Shaped Rattle: More than just a toy, it’s a cute bunny buddy with rings that rattle! The perfect blend of auditory and tactile stimulation is wrapped in a delightful design.

Dive into Rhythmic Exploration:

Trio Of Colorful Maracas Rattles: With shades of red, orange, and teal, this set introduces your baby to the enchanting world of music. Their design ensures even the tiniest hands can grasp and shake them, making musical exploration a breeze.
Wooden Dumbbell Rattle: A perfect combination of form and function. The contrasting color rings captivate young eyes, while its ergonomic design encourages grasp and play. Every shake is a step towards improved motor skills and sensory development.
With every rattle, twist, and shake, our collection promises both joy and growth. Dive into this delightful range and let your baby embark on a journey of discovery, rhythm, and fun!

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