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Gross Motor Skills Toys

Eco-Friendly Gross Motor Skills Toys for Kids

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Erenjoy Colorful Jenga Blocks with Dice
Regular price₹1,299.00₹599.00
Premium Wooden Spinner Drum Toy
Regular price₹1,499.00₹999.00
Deluxe Pounding Bench Wooden Toy with Mallet
Regular price₹1,799.00₹1,199.00
Hammer and Peg Toy
Regular price₹999.00₹499.00
Small Guitar Xylophone
Regular price₹499.00₹299.00
Pink Wooden Bus Playset
Regular price₹499.00₹299.00
Natural Wooden Egg and Cup Set
Regular price₹549.00₹299.00
Hammer and Ball Toy
Regular price₹799.00₹329.00
Slippery Track Car
Regular price₹999.00₹549.00
Aqua Wooden Cargo Truck
Regular price₹499.00₹299.00
Natural Wooden Cube and Cube Set
Regular price₹549.00₹299.00
Wooden Orange SUV Toy
Regular price₹499.00₹299.00
Colored Wooden Domino Blocks Set
Regular price₹999.00₹599.00
Lime Wooden Pickup Toy
Regular price₹499.00₹299.00
Xylophone Toy - 8 Notes
Regular price₹599.00₹349.00
Guitar Xylophone - Big Size
Regular price₹649.00₹399.00
Wooden Domino Small Block - 120 pc
Regular price₹749.00₹399.00
Wooden Xylophone & Ring
Regular price₹999.00₹549.00

Educational Wooden Toys: Inspire, Learn, and Play

Discover the Wonders of Educational Wooden Toys!

Dive into a universe of creativity, learning, and hands-on fun with our premium wooden toy collection. Each toy, meticulously crafted, promises both delight and developmental benefits. Here's a glimpse of the enchanting adventures that await:

Stack, Play, and Bond:

Erenjoy Colorful Jenga Blocks With Dice: Transform family nights with the thrill of colorful Jenga blocks. Craft strategies, balance, build, and revel in shared laughter as the tower wobbles and stands tall. Unforgettable memories are guaranteed!

Strum, Tune, and Groove:

Small Guitar-Shaped Xylophone: Step into the magical realm of melodies with this unique xylophone. As your child strums and tunes, witness their inherent musical prowess come alive.

Explore, Learn, and Thrive:

Sensory Play Set - Montessori-Inspired Egg, Peg, Cube, Shapes With Cups: A holistic learning experience awaits. This sensory play set, inspired by Montessori principles, ignites a child's innate curiosity, fosters recognition, and refines motor abilities.

Assemble, Imagine, and Roar:

Lion's Den 3D Puzzle: Set off on a wild safari trail! This 3D puzzle not only offers a creative challenge but also unfurls a vibrant world of imagination, where lions reign supreme.

Shake, Listen, and Cherish:

Neem Wood Rattle - Hippo Shaped: Made with love and eco-conscious intent, this neem wood rattle is a blend of sustainability and safety. Its gentle rattle mesmerizes, and the hippo design kindles stories and adventures.
Journey with us into this wonder-filled wooden world. Where every toy is not just a plaything, but a stepping stone to imagination, growth, and cherished moments.

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