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Neem Wood Fun Wheels Toy - Dog Shaped

Neem Wood Fun Wheels Toy - Woof-tastic Dog Shaped Adventures

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Key Feature:

  • Crafted from natural neem wood: Made from sustainable and eco-friendly materials, this toy is safe for children and the environment.
  • Dog-shaped design: The adorable dog shape inspires imaginative play and storytelling.
  • Sturdy construction: The neem wood construction ensures durability and safe play.
  • Smooth rolling wheels: The toy moves smoothly on its wheels, enhancing fine motor skills and coordination.
  • Compact size: The toy is designed to be the perfect size for little hands to hold and play with comfortably.

What makes this toy special ?

Unleash your child's imagination with the Neem Wood Fun Wheels Toy - Dog Shaped. Crafted from natural neem wood, this adorable dog-shaped toy brings joy and excitement to playtime. With its smooth wheels and eco-friendly construction, it provides safe and engaging fun for your little one.

How To Play:

  • Give the toy a gentle push and watch it roll across the floor with ease.
  • Feel the smooth and natural surface of the neem wood for a tactile experience.
  • Set up exciting obstacle courses and navigate the toy through twists, turns, and challenges.
  • Invite friends to join and compete in thrilling races with the Neem Wood Fun Wheels Toy.
  • Transform the toy into anything you can imagine and bring your playtime to life.

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Neem Wood Fun Wheels Toy - Dog Shaped

Neem Wood Fun Wheels Toy - Dog Shaped


The Neem Wood Fun Wheels Toy - Dog Shaped is a delightful wooden toy that invites children to embark on playful adventures through imaginative play. Crafted from natural neem wood, this dog-shaped toy captivates little ones and offers hours of interactive fun. Its sturdy construction, eco-friendly materials, and smooth finish ensure safe play and durability.

Children will love rolling the toy dog around, creating imaginary stories, and engaging in pretend play. The toy's compact size and smooth-rolling wheels make it easy for small hands to grasp and maneuver. This toy promotes fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and sparks imaginative play, fostering cognitive development.


Delivery: We offer free shipping on all orders within India. We aim to deliver your order within 3-5 days in metro cities and 7-8 days in remote areas. However, please note that delivery times may vary depending on your location and any unforeseen circumstances that may arise.


<div class="metafield-rich_text_field"><ul><li>Weight - 127gm </li><li>Dimension: 8cm x 5cm x 13cm</li></ul></div>


<div class="metafield-rich_text_field"><ul><li>Encourage your child to invent adventures and stories featuring the toy dog.</li><li>Use the toy to teach your child about dogs, their behaviors, and their characteristics.</li><li>Engage in interactive play by mimicking dog sounds and movements with your child.</li></ul></div>


<div class="metafield-rich_text_field"><ul><li> Wipe clean with a soft, damp cloth to remove any dirt or debris</li><li>Avoid submerging the toy in water or using harsh chemicals</li><li>Store in a dry place away from direct sunlight</li></ul></div>

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Customer Reviews

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Sharmila Sinha
Neem Wood Fun Wheels Toy - Dog Shaped

"The Neem Wood Fun Wheels Toy - Dog Shaped is an adorable toy that sparks imaginative play. Its eco-friendly construction and smooth wheels make it a safe and engaging choice for little ones."

Rani Kapoor

"I love that the Neem Wood Fun Wheels Toy - Dog Shaped is eco-friendly and crafted from natural materials. It's a cute and interactive toy that keeps my child engaged in imaginative"

Sangeetha Nayar

"I'm impressed with the craftsmanship of the Dog Shaped wooden toy. The attention to detail is evident, and the wheels roll smoothly. It's a toy that sparks my child's imagination and provides hours of fun."

Pushpa Iyer

"The Neem Wood Fun Wheels Toy - Dog Shaped is a hit with my child. It's well-made, safe, and brings out their creativity during playtime. Highly recommended!"

Geeta Prasad

"My child adores the Neem Wood Fun Wheels Toy - Dog Shaped. It's well-crafted, easy to roll, and provides endless entertainment. I appreciate its eco-friendly nature."

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