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Wooden Baby Play Gift Combo: Stacker & Puzzle for Early Growth

Erenjoy Wooden Baby Play Gift Combo: Stacker & Puzzle for Early Growth

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Key Feature:

  • Wooden Baby Play Gift Combo featuring a Stacker and Puzzle for early growth and development.
  • Crafted from eco-friendly materials, ensuring safety for babies and the environment.
  • Stacker enhances fine motor skills and spatial awareness through ring stacking.
  • Puzzle fosters problem-solving abilities and shape recognition through interactive play.

What makes this toy special ?

Introducing the Wooden Baby Play Gift Combo from Erenjoy – a perfect pairing of a Stacker and Puzzle designed to nurture your baby's early growth. Crafted with care from natural wood and finished with child-safe materials, this thoughtfully curated combo engages your little one's senses, fosters motor skills, and promotes cognitive development through interactive play.

How To Play:

  • Encourage your baby to stack the rings of the Stacker from largest to smallest, promoting hand-eye coordination.
  • Introduce the Puzzle's pieces one by one, allowing your baby to explore the shapes and textures.
  • Support your baby's problem-solving skills by guiding them to fit the puzzle pieces into their designated spaces.

Wooden Baby Play Gift Combo: Stacker & Puzzle for Early Growth

Wooden Baby Play Gift Combo: Stacker & Puzzle for Early Growth


Erenjoy proudly presents the Wooden Baby Play Gift Combo – a delightful union of play and learning. This combo features a Stacker and Puzzle, each meticulously crafted to provide babies with an enriching and engaging experience that aligns with our commitment to premium quality and eco-friendliness.

Stacker: The Stacker is a visual and tactile masterpiece. Crafted from natural wood, it invites babies to explore various shapes, sizes, and textures. As your little one places each ring onto the central post, they develop hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and a deeper understanding of spatial relationships. The Stacker's vibrant colors and smooth finish stimulate sensory exploration.

Puzzle: The Puzzle in this combo is an early introduction to problem-solving and shape recognition. Crafted with attention to detail, the wooden puzzle pieces feature easily graspable knobs that encourage babies to manipulate and fit them into their corresponding spaces. This activity fosters fine motor skills, cognitive growth, and a sense of accomplishment as the puzzle comes together.


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<div class="metafield-rich_text_field"><ul><li>Encourage open-ended play with the Stacker and Puzzle, allowing your baby to explore and discover on their own terms.</li><li>Celebrate your baby&#39;s achievements as they successfully complete the puzzle or stack the rings.</li></ul></div>


<div class="metafield-rich_text_field"><ul><li>Wipe with a damp cloth for routine cleaning</li><li>Avoid prolonged exposure to moisture or direct sunlight</li><li>Store in a dry, cool place</li></ul></div>

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"A delightful and educational gift. The Wooden Baby Play Gift Combo is a wonderful investment in my child's growth and playtime."


"Erenjoy's commitment to quality shines in this combo. The Wooden Baby Play Gift Combo is a fantastic way to nurture young minds."


"I'm impressed by the thoughtfulness behind this combo. The stacker and puzzle are beautifully crafted and offer valuable learning experiences."


"This combo is a wonderful gift for hands-on learning. The Wooden Stacker and Puzzle provide both fun and educational value."

Wooden Baby Play Gift Combo: Stacker & Puzzle For Early Growth

"Erenjoy's Wooden Baby Play Gift Combo is a hit with my child. The Stacker and Puzzle offer engaging play that nurtures early growth and development."

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