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Four Teether & Natural Neem Wood Rattle Gift Set

Erenjoy Wooden Teether Gift Collection: Bird, Rabbit, Star & Rattles

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Key Feature:

  • Wooden Teether Gift Collection featuring Bird, Rabbit, and Star teethers, along with gentle rattles.
  • Crafted with natural wood and non-toxic finishes, ensuring safety for both babies and the environment.
  • Textured designs offer sensory stimulation and relief for teething discomfort.
  • Thoughtful gift for new parents, combining functionality and aesthetics.

What makes this toy special ?

Introducing the Wooden Teether Gift Collection by Erenjoy – a bundle of joy designed to soothe and engage your little one. Featuring adorable teether designs including Bird, Rabbit, and Star, accompanied by gentle rattles, this collection is a thoughtful and eco-friendly gift for teething babies. Crafted with care from natural wood and finished with child-safe materials, it's a perfect way to provide comfort and entertainment.

How To Play:

  • Offer the teethers to your baby during teething periods for relief and comfort.
  • Encourage grasping and exploration by introducing the rattles alongside the teethers.
  • Incorporate the teethers into playtime to stimulate sensory development.

Four Teether & Natural Neem Wood Rattle Gift Set

Four Teether & Natural Neem Wood Rattle Gift Set


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Erenjoy brings you the Wooden Teether Gift Collection – a heartwarming selection of teething toys and rattles designed to accompany your baby's teething journey. With a charming trio of Bird, Rabbit, and Star teethers, along with delightful rattles, this collection embodies our commitment to providing eco-friendly and enriching play experiences.

Bird Teether: The Bird Teether is a whimsical companion for teething babies. Crafted from natural wood, its smooth surface and gentle curves offer comfort to sore gums. The lightweight design is easy for little hands to grasp, while the textured details provide tactile stimulation. The Bird's cheerful presence adds a touch of playfulness to teething time.

Rabbit Teether: Soothe your baby's discomfort with the Rabbit Teether – an adorable and safe way to alleviate teething pain. The Rabbit's ears are designed with various textures to engage your baby's senses, while the natural wood provides a satisfying chew. Its ergonomic shape ensures an easy grip, making it a reliable companion during those tender moments.

Star Teether: The Star Teether is a shining solution for teething woes. Crafted to perfection, its multiple points offer various angles for your baby to explore and alleviate discomfort. The star's symmetrical design encourages even chewing, promoting healthy oral development. The coolness of the natural wood brings relief to inflamed gums.

Rattles: Adding extra charm to the collection are the gentle rattles that accompany each teether. These rattles produce soothing sounds that capture your baby's attention and provide sensory stimulation. The rattles' designs complement the teether characters, creating a cohesive and delightful set.


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<div class="metafield-rich_text_field"><ul><li>Keep the teethers in the refrigerator for a short while to provide cool relief to sore gums.</li><li>Incorporate the rattles into sensory playtime, encouraging auditory and tactile exploration.</li></ul></div>


<div class="metafield-rich_text_field"><ul><li>Wipe with a damp cloth for routine cleaning</li><li>Avoid soaking in water or exposing to direct sunlight</li><li>Store in a dry, cool place</li></ul></div>

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Customer Reviews

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"I'm very impressed with the quality of these teethers and rattles. The wood is smooth and safe for my baby, and the shapes are very engaging. It's a great natural teething solution."


"The Wooden Teether Gift Collection is beautifully made. My baby loves playing with the teethers and rattles, learning about different shapes and textures. It's a wonderful addition to our teething toys."


"These teethers and rattles are a hit with my baby. The different shapes and textures are very engaging, and they provide great relief for his teething gums. The neem wood is naturally antibacterial, which is a big plus."


"The Wooden Teether Gift Collection is beautifully crafted. My baby loves chewing on the teethers, and the rattles provide great sensory stimulation. It's a wonderful addition to our teething toys."


"The Wooden Teether Gift Collection is a wonderful natural solution for teething. My daughter loves the different shapes, and the rattles add extra fun. They are great for her fine motor skills development."

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